Birthday Buddies

I watched as a proud dad as you and your sister navigated your first friend party.

A cousin, two brothers of our friends, four classmates, one with a sibling whom we all adored.

Some neighbors, a few of our friends, and of course your family.

Gift bags for those kids in attendance.
Strange world we parent in today.
Thanks Parents magazine,
my wife has bought in.

This was our first joint birthday party for you and your sister. Having a little less than two months between your birthdays your mom and I decide to do everyone a favor and hold one combined party in between that dates in mid September. This year it landed on your aunt and uncles birthday weekend, as well as being two days after your Grandpa Jerry passed.

That’s how the mop flops


The party was a resounding success. Outside of a few outliers like of real food consumption, your ability and eagerness to chug from the jug.

I hope you flip those tendencies moving forward. Some party advice from your dad; first, slow down on the chugging of any drinks, always make sure you drink water, and have food in your belly.

Trust me

You were both so very thankful, hospitable, independent, and courteous to all those in attendance. I know we were all in our safe place here at home, and that makes interacting a little easier. I was proud of how both of you entertained your family and friends. Further evidence that your mom and I haven’t screwed either of you up too much during your almost four and three years of life respectively.

Birthday buddies.

It’s been a blast! I can’t believe your both 3 already. Pretty soon Da will be 4.

Time waits for no (hu)man,

Another Jerryism

I hope I never miss one,

Ken (Dad).

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