Good bye WGN

In the latest example of how consumerism and corporate greed are swallowing up my childhood I say good bye to my original favorite network, WGN.

Almost 40 years for me

72 seasons with the Cubs

A Sox game every blue moon



It’s all over

As I come to grips with WGN’s final TV broadcast of my favorite baseball team I’d like to say thank you for the free memories. As a child of the 80’s and a teenager in the 90’s you and I shared a very special bond with the Chicago Sports. They provided you with a pretty consistent revenue source and you provided me with every Chicago Cubs baseball game for a time, and consistent schedule of Bulls and Hawks games. Our relationship first really started on the TV, but as I moved throughout Central Indiana it continued on 720 AM.

Greatest booth in my lifetime

I first listened to WGN radio broadcast of the games while my family and I would drove around during Cubs season. If we were not in front of the TV my dad and I would listen to Dewaynne Stats and Dave Nelson on the radio. Note to reader, I had to look up those names but I remember their voices. My Mom, Brothers, and Sister were usually ok with it. I only sided with their displeasure when the weather or power lines interfered with the signal.

Since I got my license in ’97 my entire adult baseball radio broadcast team has been a mixtures of Rons’ and Pat. Most notably Ron Santo. But as the seasons tick by Ron Coomer has claimed ownership of the seat opposite of Pat Hughes. Truth be told I just like hearing Pat and Ron in the booth.

Best radio call in the game

This balls gotta chance…….gone!

No!!!! Oh No.

He dropped it, He dropped the ball.?!

Oh gosh.

It’s on fire (Santo’s hair)

I’m eating a hot dog right now

Some of Ron and Pat’s calls.

Sometime in the 90’s cable started gobbling up Chicago Sports TV broadcasting rights. Sportsivsion, Chicago Sports Channel, Comcast, FSN Chicago, and now NBCSN.

Thank you Arne Harris


Gets me thinkin about all the people that have been in the booth*. That’s a different post all together.

But, that doesn’t change the fact that after 72 years WGN has broadcast it’s final Chicago Cubs baseball game. As a WGN fan that lives in Indianapolis I will know have to pay for it. That feels dirty. But, it’s only because of WGN that I loved the Cubs and I feel conflicted.

It’s a financial decision that the Rickett’s family is making. I don’t care to look up any numbers but I would have to imagine that they will be making more money because of this. Not less. Much like in and around Wrigley Field “progress” is being made. But, sadly I, along with any other Cub fans that lives out of market, will now and forever have to pay for live coverage of our beloved Cubbies.

Yes, i’m an adult. But, that is how financially conservative I am. Same reason I haven’t the Bears a penny in 5 years and they seem to be doin ok. That is about where my conservative values end.

During our free time together we won held the Commissioner’s Trophy, raised a World Series Pennant, a ring, or however you want to refer to 2016.

6 O’Brien’s

3 Cups

A lot of playoffs

1 World Series

In 40 years

But for me that was just one of the over 30 years of my love affair with WGN. Specifically the Cubs and WGN. A few years ago the Cubs jumped from WGN 720 to WBBM 780 and now I hear them on WSCR 670. So this isn’t the first change in broadcasting but it is the end of WGN’s partnership with the Cubs.

Our relationship together began an the television. The Bozo Show in the mornings. Classic television on my days home from school. Sometimes I was sick, more often I skipped and you offered TV classics like The Honeymooners and I love Lucy. Those were better option than the networks stories.

As an out of market fan of the Cubs I know I’ll be ok. I’ve gladly paid $20 a year for about the last 7 years for live audio for all MLB games. Included in that price is all condensed games the next morning through the MLB App. That’s the hidden secret. Any game in roughly 8 minutes.

Previously, I paid upwards of $120 a year for the MLB streaming of Cubs games a decade ago. It was surprisingly great quality of live streaming video online in 2006 and 2007. Then, MLB decided that Indianapolis was apart of the local Chicago broadcasting area and therefore in the restrictive blackout area for Cubs, Sox, Reds, Tigers, and Cardinals broadcast.

This was even before Wish TV 23.1 and MYNDY 8.1 started broadcasting all Chicago baseball broadcast on WGN, Cubs and Sox, to the Indianapolis area a few years ago. That price hasn’t gone down and the blackout area hasn’t shrunk. I’ve got two kids, no job, and doubt i’ll pay for TV just to see them under perform.

Now as the Marquee Network takes over as the Cubs station I’m not exactly sure what that looks like, and if David Kaplan is apart of it or no. I assume they’ll have some live games but I would imagine that Comcast, ESPN, and MLB still hold some of the broadcast rights. For those of you still in market you can still get the WGN News in the morning over the air for free.

Both still doin it

It’s as real a news team as any. They have just been outwardly laughing since the beginning. But, now that I live in Central Indiana I can’t pull WGN TV only audio. Thanks for all the memories WGN. If you ever want to break into the Indianapolis market specifically let me know. I think I could be your sports guy.

I mean if Tomasulo and Rohn can do it. I think I’d be able to figure it out.

So accurate, people think he makes the weather. Although, I was more of a Harry Volkman.

Thanks GN.


The Chicago Cubs are on the air

For a price : ^ )

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