Yaz, for some. Mr. Yastremski for a kid like me.

You know you’ve been around baseball for a while if that names brings back some lasting memories.

Old and new

If you are a trading card fanatic like me from 70’s and 80’s, or a kid in and around Boston during his 23 year career than you know what i’m talking about. The Great Number 8. The numbers I don’t think really sum up a guy like Yaz.

First thing that got me was the name. Something that sounded familiar to the names around me.

Just missed the biggest

A kid with some eastern block roots.

Resume speaks for itself.

Triple Crown Winner.

Over 3,000

Over 400

Always showed up to work.

Always produced.

Could always turn on a fastball

Gruff and tough from the outside.

Full of fears. Earned everything.

I admire that in anyone.

Good back story. A most quintessential baseball story.

All this because I heard Johnny Miller say the name,


During the Cubs game last night.

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