An open letter to Mike Pence

Thank you

From me to you.

I’m not joking Indiana.

Thank you for motivating me to become politically active.

First as Governor of Indiana


For better or worse you have been one of the most influential Hoosier Politicians of my lifetime. I first really became aware of you when you became the leader of our State during the 2nd half of my educational career. A time I commonly referred to as….

My most dangerous as a teacher


Yes. I was your original political nightmare; a teacher. You can’t possibly imagine the disdain I have for your union busting tendencies, complete disregard for organized labor, and the systematic way you sought out to destroy collective bargaining on behalf of employees in this state.

Your statements, actions, and overall dismissal of certain people in this state was and continues to be another catalyst for my very own try at politics. Your actions actually hurt all teachers ability to provide for our very own families and our general quality of life.

I originally starting seeking out information in 2014 about running as an Independent candidate here in Indiana against you for Governor. But, my wife and I got side tracked with the birth of our two daughters. Even more inexplicably you accepted then candidate Trump’s offer to be his Vice President. Now, in 2018 as a stay at home dad, and an educator looking for something to do for my second act as professional you actually have saved me a lot of research. So, thank you again.

Now as Vice President of The United States


I have researched your political/professional life and I am amazed how you have constantly and continuously failed upward. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, and again, and again…

I can’t believe you are the Vice President

A silver lining about current White House is that anything really is possible
I have no idea how you got hooked up with this Circus.
Another example of failing forward

Intrigued about context of above image? Watch the first three minutes of the clip provided below.

If you haven’t seen this. You’re welcome.

But, again and back on topic: Mike Pence.

Thank you Mr. Pence

You are an inspiration

Thank you for making me question who we elect, why we elect them, and what they actually do while in office. The world that I believe you see is not the world I see. For me, and the world in which I live, the state of which we both call home, and the world I intend to leave to my daughters is one where conversation and understanding each other prevails.

Our views on society couldn’t be any more different. I think you and are an even greater danger to the American people than anything your boss says or does. Any relief I had when you announced your bid to run with Donald Trump was immediately quelled by my own personal nightmare that the two of you could pull it off.

Somehow, you did. Congrats. But, unlike 2016 I refuse to just merely cast a vote but be apart of the conversation moving forward.

Even though we grew up in the same state, we could not be any different.

In terms of our core beliefs concerning society

I have tried to contact you multiple times over your time in public office here in Indiana. I’ve protested alongside thousands of other teachers from around this State while you were Governor. My sign read:

They’re trying to steal your voice,

Don’t let them steal your vote!

No one listened then either
I’m the one in red

Thank you for guiding me towards politics. What you did to the teachers of this state was, and still is, a source of contention between you and I. Because of that, and in support of all union workers, I would love to speak with you directly before our time in this world is over. I know you did not hurt education by yourself. But, as Governor you didn’t do anything to help the students, teachers, and workers of our state.

Shame on you

From me, to you

You nearly lost in 2012 to a guy best known throughout the state for his facial hair than any real policy. You rode the goodwill and momentum the GOP had at that time in Indiana right into our Statehouse.


Again, failing forward

Rest assured even if I fail during my initial run for office, much like you did during your first political campaign here in Indiana, I will seek office a second time in 2024. I promise to listen with an open mind to anyone, on all topics to best represent the Indiana of today, and tomorrow. Not the Indiana of yesteryear, but the Indiana I wish to leave for my two young daughters and all the teachers, students, and workers in this state and the nation.

I’ll leave you with a promise for my first go around:

I promise not to use any political donations for:

Paying my mortgage

Paying off personal credit

My Groceries


Personal car loan

Or anything else that is not campaign related.

C’mon how did you, even as a young politician, think that was ok? Again, failing forward.

Damn, we haven’t even talked about all the hypocrisy, your time on the radio, and/or “Confessions of a negative campaigner”.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Thank you for your time,



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