An SAT word

go look it up

George Will

Like any writer George Will always attempts to use ’em all and I’ve always appreciated that about him. I’ve been reading, watching, observing, researching, and otherwise diffusing as much of George Will’s career as I can over the last 2 decades. Irregardless of party I feel he has always been a respected journalist. But lets get back to oleaginous.


Greasy too smooth for comfort

Oleaginous definition

That’s how this former stall worth of the Republican Party describes our current Vice President Mike Pence. I’ve never watched the MSNBC Show The Last Word and I’ve never heard of Lawrence O’Donnell but I watched this short discussion because of the guest not the host.

If you want to know how I feel about the current White House. Just watch this video. I don’t have to say anything else. I’ll just agree with the most trusted political writer of my time.

Whether it was on Last Week, his time at The Post, on TV, or on an actual shelf. He’s usually been spot on or at the very least driving political conversation my entire life.

Equal parts Paine, Twain, and Costas to me anyway. The only true criticism I have of Mr. Will is that sometimes you just gotta get to the point.

I’m a George Will conservative and that’s as far as I’m willing to go as an Independent running for office back in Mike and I’s home state of Indiana. Mike and Me? Mike&Ikes?

Lets just get back to George Will.

From me to you.

Mr. Pence.

And el jefe

or don

Hopefully a lot of other people feel the same or I’m in a lot of trouble in 2020.


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