An allegory using Trolls

To understand the allegory you’ll have to view season 3 episode 4 of the Netflix show Trolls.

For the life of me, I can’t find either episode in it’s entirety and I apologize for not sending a link. I’m sure the cast and crew of Trolls appreciate that on the grounds of piracy, but as far as this post in concerned it’ll be the first hurdle anyone interested will have to jump to participate.

However, it’s totally worth any rental fee you might have to incur on purchasing. It will only take 23 minutes. Much like Dark Side and Wizard of Oz you probably should follow instructions.

Open your mind to view this episode while believing in 1st episode entitled Trolly Tales 2 that….

Archer, as Donald Trump. The rest of the party crashers include but not limited to Lewandowski, Manifort, Bannon, Conway, etc.

And Troll Village as basically the GOP.

Or anyone who voted for Trump.

Then, a few more specific characters for the 2nd episode: Rainbowmageddon

Branch as Mitch McConnell
Poppy as Preibus, Ryan, and now McDaniel.
Finally, Cloud Guy as then candidate Trump

Now, I would like to say that as a dad who watches TV with his daughers:

I love Cloud Guy

I love him as a cartoon character

I like him because I constantly find myself, thinking

What did he just say?


Wow, that’s hilarious

Or, that can’t possibly be true

Again, I’m speaking about Cloud Guy not the President

It may come as a shock to some but the President of the United States really shouldn’t always be speaking this inappropriately and inaccurately about and for We the People.

But I digress. It’ll only take 23 minutes.

A few spoilers if you haven’t already viewed.

There is no way Trump would sacrifice himself for the greater good of the village.

The truth can’t be whatever you want it to be. There can only be facts. Not alternative ones.

If your feeling as strange as Poppy at the end of the episode, I don’t think you’re alone

If you are really interested in an even deeper level.

Keith, and the other Trolly Tales represent the role our media consumption plays in politics
I know, I should find something else to do with my time

But, as a SAHD guy I always try to be present.

Thanks as always. Ken.

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