Westfield, Indiana

My wife and I moved here almost 11 years ago. It was perfect. It had a small town feel, close to anything we needed, conveniently located on the intersection of state roads 31 and 32.

Westfield had a water park?

It’s still here albeit abandoned. You can find the ruins of that property by Grand Park and the new Chatham Hills Country Club. A note to the city the property probably need to be dealt with before someone gets hurt.

When my wife and I moved here it was a relatively quiet town. Perfect for us. We live about 3 descent drives (golf reference) from Queso Blanco, Kelties, and Mufflers and More. Our sleepy little town has changed a lot over the 10+ years we have called Westfield home. I have no doubt that it will continue to change over the next ten. It’s what my grandfather always refers to as Progress.

Social action takes place in the strangest of ways. Yes, after a decade of non stop “progress” I am hoping we as a community can come to our senses on a few thing. For everyone’s sake I’ll just focus on one our new golf cart route.

I think we need to realize that Westfield is not a slow paced retirement or golfing community. Thanks to the non stop construction* at times it can be quite a bustling community.

We have barely been able to hold on to the one public golf course in this city. Luckily, petitions have helped save Woodwind time and time again. Thank you Ms. Burkman.

Bridgewater and Chatham Hills Country Clubs are the other two golf courses located within the city but they are private. So why is it that all the sudden and some 8 years after developing our trail system we now think that motorized vehicles are suitable on any of our city trails?

The marked Golf Cart Route is probably one of the least thought out plans ever passed by our City Council. It comes fully loaded with blind S curves, major intersections, and in a final bit of irony it encroaches closest to homes without golf carts.

I understand that a lot of grownups out there have decided that a golf cart is a feasible thing to own. I’m not hear to judge you. I’d just rather walk with my family or ride a bike on the trail, and all the while feel basically safe about not being mowed down by a golf cart.

Works better without ear buds

My plea is simple:

First, take down Golf Cart Route signs.

Then, actual enforcement of cart inspection requirements, not to mention, the actual ordinance for usage within city limits.

Next, observe how they are being used within the city and aforementioned golf cart friendly neighborhoods for a predetermined amount of time.

Finally, if everything seems good construct a golf cart path to allow those wanting to ride their golf carts to dinner on Park Street, or anywhere near the Grand Junction development area, if it actually ever gets done, a less dangerous way of getting from point A to B.

Or not, i’d prefer that but I am just one voice.

Just a thought

If you are looking for a bellwether location just observe the Kroger on Carey Road to see how they are currently being used or misused by some. It’s a public safety thing.

I just think the hypocrisy of safety, golf carts, and kids is crazy. What about…


Any person, or animal, getting struck by a distracted golf cart driver (minor or adult)?

Kids driving the cart.


Concerns I’ve heard from others in the community
Totally illegal on roads and trails
Probably something to think about
Maybe I’m the only one that doesn’t get it

Thanks for reading.

Think about it.


All images found via simple Google image search. I plead ignorance and deter all litigious questioning to Google.

7/21/18 an additional statement after reading the towns press release about golf carts:

People of all ages can and do enjoy our trails and access downtown.

It doesn’t get any greener than by foot or by bike.

You think having a Citizens on Patrol type of scenario is best to monitor?

Albeit great movie
When do you think Hollywood will remake this franchise?

Just admit that this is the most dangerous portion of our trail system, therefore making it an awful decision and finally cease utilizing for a golf cart route. Pave a straight path somewhere through any of the new neighborhoods being constructed between Carey Road and Union Street to serve the needs of our over growing golf cart needs.

It’s a public safety thing

Thanks for listening


If you want more context.

8/23/19 Meeting with Mayor Cook*


  1. Ken, I believe your concerns are reasonable and valid from a public safety perspective. I would appreciate the opportunity to have a personal conversation about this, if you would like.

    Have you expressed your concerns to Cindy Spoljaric or newly elected city councilors? I believe they would be willing to listen.


    • Absolutely I have contacted all city council members, the major, and other candidates for the office for this upcoming election over this topic. We can speak privately through the email address i provided on your website. Look forward to hearing from you.


  2. […] others did not want to give their date of birth. Irregardless of having a smart phone with apps. Most disapprove of golf carts. All agree between Carey Road and Union they are unmistakably dangerous even in the best of […]


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