*Prime Day(s)

Yes. This will be like a pyramid scheme in the sense that i’ll need you to talk with your family, friends, and neighbors, or share me on your social media accounts. But unlike herbalife, Mary Kay, sensi, lia sophia, roden and fields, or the countless other schemes out there. One huge difference: I honestly am not asking for money.

It won’t cost you any money

Here is the twist

I just want your vote. If you live in Indiana please give me a few more seconds of your time.

I would love to represent this State and be the voice for my neighbors, family, and friends either in Indianapolis or/and in case this takes off, Washington D.C.

If I fail,

guess what?


I’ll be out relatively soon 2-6 years. But, if it’s workin out for all involved. At least one more term. Then, I’ll probably get out. 12 years is about all I’d ever want to be in the same field.

Consecutively that is. It’s worked out pretty well for me and our state thus far.

I just want our State to be the best it can be. Right now it’s trending in the right direction in some sense, but in others it’s either stuck or trending down.

Fortunately, for all those who live in Indiana right now we can still move this State and The Nation in the right direction in all senses.

What do you have to lose? We just throw our time, money, and votes away anyway.

One final guarantee:

I’ll never ask for money,

just your time

But, in fairness, I put a higher value on time than money

No phone calls, emails, knocks on the door, I promise you that you will not receive any type of solicitation.

Just meet me here or look for gatherings around the state. If you check this website out semi regularly over the next 2-5 years I promise you’ll have more information about me as a man, husband, brother, teacher, thinker, writer, and hopefully representative than any in the history of American Politics.

My first statement of economic interest: my wife pays for the website. It’s under $100/yr.

Thanks. Ken

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