Prime Day!

Day(s) Actually

What is this? What have we become as society that we allow ourselves to be so easily sold anything?

I think I understand marketing. I believe I am aware of multi level marketing but this really is not that folks.

I’ll never tell anyone what to do with their time or money

Gerald Montasiewicz (My Grandfather)

I’m not hear trying to tell any of us were wrong to purchase things. But if you don’t buy anything on either of these days. The world wont end.

I guess as a resident of Indiana I can at least be happy that with all these Amazon distribution warehouses around our state as we get to capitalize a bit from this mass consumerism unlike the Federal Government. One of the things I liked about Mitch. Others I did not.

From a culture that has brought the world such amazing displays as….

Remember when this was strange?
Black Friday
Another new one
We’ve already talked about this type of advertisement

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. At least when Hallmark patented everything and held this nation captive on the Hallmark Holiday’s of my youth it seemed cute.

Valentine’s Day

Sweetest Day

Truth be told, I’ve only purchased 1 Valentine’s Day card as an adult

One of the many reasons I have always loved my wife. Even when we were kids.

Not us, but us, back then.

I know If I could have just a few months of your time during the next two elections I think it could be beneficial for all of us.

In fact, I’ll guarantee it*

Thanks. Ken

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