Eva Mozes Kor

I had the absolute amazing gift of spending the better part of 3 mornings with Mrs. Kor. She was a guest speaker at my former school in Noblesville on each occasion.

The first time I heard her share her story I was shocked. Not because of the brutalities that she suffered at the hands of the Nazi Party during the Holocaust. If you are an adult and don’t know anything about those atrocities, or even worse refuse to believe the took place:

Shame on you

To Revisionist on any level or topic

For those out there with even a faint knowledge of WWII all you need to know is that she and her twin, Miriam age 10, were patients of Dr. Mengele.

Yeah, that Mengele. The Angel of Death

I would never speak for Mrs. Kor.

So one last time.

Ladies and Gentlemen

Boys and Girls

Please welcome, Mrs. Eva Mozes Kor

In her own words

If you would like even more information please visit here website at: https://candlesholocaustmuseum.org/

Now that we are all on the same page. What shocked me then, and what still shocks me today is the concept of the power of forgiveness. Now, that forgiveness didn’t come immediately. But in case you missed it:

I have the power to forgive.

It was all mine.

No one can take it away.

Eva Mozes Kor

She, much like anyone from that time, and the few still alive today, had seen so much of what this world had to offer. Good and bad. In her final years her voice sometimes was frail but her message was always delivered strongly, transcended generations, and thanks to her school age children have been told the tales of past transgressions in society. Thanks to technology her story, and others can be shared with the world for eternity.

The students always were apprehensive to begin. Think about it.

They’re kids. Something old, quiet, and not flashy doesn’t tend to keep their attention. But, Mrs. Kor always owned the room, made connections with the adults and kids in the room, painted an honest picture, and somehow always left us feeling better about ourselves after discussing one of the great atrocities in the history of our world.

I think if she can forgive anyone affiliated with the National Socialist German Workers’ Party. I think we can all look around, forgive past transgressions, and move forward as a country. At least I’d hope so.

May you rest in peace Mrs. Kor. Lord knows you deserve it.

Thank you for sharing your story. I hope we can carry the torch of humanity forward for you.


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