Thank you Mr. Rogers

For many things.

Most notably paving the way for children’s educational television.

But, I think most importantly, for seeing the value that the television sets of yesteryear, and the many different screens of today, play in the life of our children, and the important role it plays in all of our lives.

Where is tall man

Since it’s inception the screen has been a strong force as it relates to our children’s adolescence and our consumption as a nation. We are what we consume. Whether it’s the peas on your plate, that area in which we live, or whatever we are streaming these days.

Where is tall man

The mind is a beautiful machine, always gathering data, processing information, making decisions, even when we sleep it functions and can be somewhat persuaded by the things we consume.

Most recently, and to the great beyond, I say thank you to Fred Rogers for Daniel Tiger. Not as the puppet necessarily. Even as a kid I appreciated his puppeteering, the songs in which he created, and most profoundly now as an adult I see the value of how he interacted with people. Not just with the kids but literally everyone in the neighborhood. I’ve tried watching the originals with my own kids, and that show still can generate with kids of this generation. A testament to him now and than.

I guarantee you it’s not what you think.

Unless you remember that bit

My last thank you is for the cartoon my daughters and I have grown up watching over there last two years.

Latest incarnation of Fred’s world.

As a parent with two young daughters I thank you for giving them a place that they can immerse themselves in and I as a parent can know that they are safe. Or anything we view on PBS/PBS Kids for that matter. Even as an adult I find myself humming the songs and tapping the tunes you created to help us get through just about any feeling, emotion, or incident we might be having at any given moment throughout our lives.

I will stop here because I could go on forever. But for those who are interested I enjoyed thinking about, planning, viewing, and writing this one so much I’m sure there will be more.

I leave anyone and everyone to contemplate what your screen appetite is and that of our children/youth today. Lets hope it basically holsum.

Could you be mine,

would you be mine,

Thanks for reading.


Classic TV moments

I wish Fred were,

my neighbor

I have cried, could cry, and will cry at any moment during this video

Fred always knew what he was doing.

Part of what makes him so mythic today

Thank You, Fred


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