Full Disclosure

I am utilizing this website to allow any and all people in Indiana, or the world, an insight into a potential candidate for public office in this state for 2020 and possibly 2024 depending on the next 5 years or so.

I am…

Independent by nature,

Open minded,

Opinionated as a professional,

Always open to conversations of any nature,

Among other things

All I want is to be part of the conversation that shapes the State of Indiana and the Country as a whole moving forward. The best way I can figure to do that is….

to ask questions,

share my own thoughts,

contact people directly and indirectly

In an unobtrusive way that is

I don’t know a lot. Not least of which is exactly what office I plan to officially seek early next year. But I think that is besides the point at this time. Whether it’s located in Indianapolis, or Washington D.C., I guarantee you it will not be in Westfield. But, the conversation can and will include any area of the state I have lived, am currently living, or places I have and/or will venture. Which is lucky for the state because…

Almost everywhere, man/hoosiers
In case you haven’t heard it.

Thanks again for reading.


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