To my grandfather. On Father’s Day.

Yes. That is Buddy Holly.

No, he is not my grandfather. But back in the 50’s from what I’ve seen in pics the hair, the glasses, and wiry frame he was his doppelganger.


You know life is funny, everyone has one biological father but I was lucky enough to have you.

You taught me when, where, and how to curse, and countless other sayings that allow me to transition through life.

You won’t believe it, but you also taught me the skills needed to be a somewhat self sufficient repairman.

Naturally, as a boy I had a hard time listening.

But that is just how it goes I suppose, and that is why as an adult we can both appreciate not only music, but the stories being told all around us.

You know what else? Now that i’m thinking about it, the majority of the characteristics I’ve tried to instill in my own daughters, as well as, the thousands of kids I was around as a teacher I learned from you.

I’m telling you grandfather, I’m still listening and you’re still loved.

Happy Fathers Day

As it is, you wont read it hear, so i’ll send you a letter.

Love ya Gramps.

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