Is there a way to stop word assist? I have a hard enough time getting anything written on the iPad now with your current spelling, grammar, and editing suggestions our relationship seems counter productive. As of late, you are attempting to predict what I’ll write next? I’m officially concerned about how we are utilizing AI.

My case in point, it took me way to long to type AI in the final sentence of my introduction. you changed it to Ai a1a didn’t capitalize the y in the beginning of this sentence.

I’m not typically in the business of telling companies what is important from the consumer standpoint. However, if could you figure out the autonomous vehicle, and get me an actual hoverboard some of my childhood wishes for this Utopian society would in fact have come true.

How much would someone pay for those shoes today?

If I have a say at all I’d still rather edit my own stuff. Grammarly speaking, I know I have flaws. Editorially, I know it could always use another look over. But, I think at the same time nothing gets lost in translation. Which brings me back to my main point of if you are suggesting things does that mean you get copyright acknowledgment?

Just wondering.

Thank you for your time.


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