Happy Flag Day

In honor or Flag Day lets all take a moment to just review the 8th Code.


In short. If your going to fly it fly it correctly.

If your going to touch it. Touch it right and do your best to follow the other codes.

I know sometime it’s a mistake…..

Image result for american flag


I know sometimes it’s not your job but…

Someone is responsible for this flag

…c’mon people stars always up and to left.

Image result for incorrect vertical american flag
Yes, this is the correct way

Yes. That is the right way if you are facing the house from the street. The other way is just wrong.

You would hope some people really know better….


It’s not a blanky. It’s a grand old flag. Probably the most notable symbol in the world. Many fought for it on the battle field. Some have fought for it in the biggest offices in this land. It deserves better than we are giving it.

I’ve been waiting a long time for that one.

I’m speechless that you would tweet out that picture again. You are an idiot.

Happy Flag Day America

Thank you WordPress. That was mildly cathartic.

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