My first time

I wasn’t initially sure it happened.

As a matter of fact, upon happening, it was awkward.

It was awkward

I thought it went in but I didn’t see any lights.

I definitely didn’t hear any sirens.

I was in Westfield.

They were in Philadelphia.

It’s the Hawks

I’m talking about my first Stanley Cup

Oct. 14th, looking for a *better post added this comment linked article here if your lookin for the egg. If there is one.

I waited a lot longer than I thought as a child.

It went longer than most, OT in fact.

Maybe it would be ok if it didn’t happen was what I thought as they headed into OT.

The next time it was a matter of 17 of the most improbable seconds of my life .

17 seconds

Flyers, Bruins, then Tampa. 3 times in 5 yeas.

Kaner. Cap’n. Crow. Keith. The list could go on.

Enjoy it St. Louis.

It is an international sports league championship.

Until next year Lord Stanley.


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