Not the Dead

But Dead and Co. don’t need to be.

Thank you to Bob, Mickey, and Bill. I know you guys couldn’t do it with out countless others like John, Oteil, and Jeff. Not to mention those behind the scenes that allow the bus to roll down the street. Crisscrossing the globe and spreading true joy. If even for that moment.

Thank you for another in a series of magical moments…….

with my family by my side. Our evening filled with smiles and hopefully we wont soon let go of that feelin.

The first time my daughters have enjoyed that sweet aroma. Two and three years of age. This was my eldest daughters second dead and co. show and my second daughters first.

Thank you to all those kinds souls we we smiled with, towards, and in a few cases in hopes that they would make it to one more show.

Let I not forget my wife, for she is the love of my. A special thanks for that smile you always carry across your face.

And just to be clear. The sound was amazing.

Enjoy Chicago and the rest of the road.

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