This is a joke, Right Congresswoman Brooks?

I’ll send more, as usual to your inbox, but since I never get a response fit for a human being. Let it be public record that…

you and all the other members of Congress, now and then, should be ashamed of yourselves for not having responded to the needs of those who responded first on a on 9/11. It took them 5 seconds to respond to the call. Think about that, 5 seconds. Shorter than the time it took to read the last few lines. And now, 18 years after the fact, maybe 10 years since it became irrefutable to anyone alive that those who responded, cleaned, or were near “the pile” as it was called by those who knew it best probably did, is, or will cause their death.

Just to be clear you will continue to hear from me on this issue and more because of your very own actions, or inaction as it is, to at least care about this constituent.

Have a great day.

Actually, I’ll just send you a link here in the email.

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