The Greatest Gift

I have ever received was the last 3+ years with my daughters.

my wife and I had 2 kids in 10 months. Irish Twins.

Irish Twins

for just about 3 years i’ve had the absolute joy of staying home with them each and every day.

that joy has lead to the greatest gift anyone could ever receive in life, time.

time to play with them, and do those things that a parent should, if able to with their children.

time to think about the world I want to leave to them.

my days are filled with so many magical moments big and small, good and bad. the prevailing smiles and laughter, that fill my day why would I want those good vibes to stop?

simply stated, because i fear time is running out on some pretty big things in this country and at the state level, that i fear will make there time here, not as good as our time on this planet.

what would I be showing them if i just remained quiet and sedentary while their future is being decided for them by those that make those types of decisions.

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