It’s been a day

I actually almost got arrested today.

And, apparently the City of Westfield is considering a restraining order barring me from all Westfield Parks. Why? Because I dare play my guitar in the park.

It’s been a heckuva day and a half.




Failure to file proper paperwork,

Non compliance,

Improper signage,

The case that they gave me

Let me start by admitting to all the above.


It was chalk,

It was a public park,

It was a public lot,

And, it’s not my fault mine is the biggest one : ^ ) ~

I do believe in our freedom to assemble, our freedom of speech, and the public use of public lands. Does that make me different? Apparently it does.

My frustrations with the City of Westfield continue to grow. They really missed an opportunity by not allowin the Mutha Tucka Band to perform this afternoon for the few that came there for the music. The other residents of the city, and the equal many visitors from outside our city limits, to have one of those musical moments. Instead they were subjected to my poor at best guitar playing. A friendly exchange between myself and two of Westfield’s finest.

On the lighter side. The petition total sits at 822. So, it appears that I will make history here in Indiana by becoming the first person to petition themselves onto a general election ballot. Then, the fun will really begin.

Please tell your friends,


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