HB 143

If elected to the Indiana House of Representative I would like to legalize love.

I do not believe the state of Indiana has any place in my bedroom, doctor’s office, or at the alter. Nor do I believe the state of Indiana should be in the business of withholding basic human rights from any of its resident. Such as health care coverage. Or any other spousal privileges.

House Bill 143

Legalize love bill

HB 143, also known as the legalize love bill, is a bill I want to file that would guarantee marriage rights to all residents of Indiana irregardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Are you an adult? Do you love another adult? Is this a consensual relationship?

Wallah! Or is it Walla? Either way Indiana should not be a place that denies anyone the unalienable right to love who we love.

HB 143

There are many ways to show our love

Running for office, to allow us, to love


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