1 of 152

I want to be one of one hundred fifty two.

Myself, and the other 99 members of Indiana’s House of Representatives.

Next, the 50 members of the State Senate.

Then, the Governor and his proxy the Lieutenant Governor.

One hundred and fifty two people making decisions for the roughly seven million of us in Indiana. I’m not naive. I understand there are many forces outside of those that effect Indiana politics. Lobbyist. Other special interest groups sometimes referred to as PAC’s.

All of our elected official have puppet masters. Yes, even the few Democrats in Indiana answer to a small group of people before they do you. Somewhere along the line all of our representatives go through a vetting process before being given the financial backing to get elected. There are a few exceptions. Some just bought there place in office and avoided the party appointment altogether. Which I think is equally horrible.

Why run for office again?

I know many wonder why I’m doing this again. In short I believe it’s the right thing to do.

I relish another opportunity to run for public office here in Indiana.

I want to be the change I’ve been waiting for my entire life.

The odds are beyond scary.

But with a lot of hard work my dream of becoming an Independently elected person could become reality. I’d be one out of one hundred and fifty two.

1 of 152

One person on his own to work with the 151 other publicly elected officials in and around the Indiana statehouse. One pragmatic voice for equality, education, and our environment looking to make Indiana better for all of us. Not for a party. Not for a pac.

Fear not. I have faced bigger odds in my life. Plus, there are a few people already in the statehouse that believe in love, equality, education, alternative energy, common sense legislation, and hemp legalization. Along with me I hope to move our state out of the dark ages and make positive changes in our state for our future.

Over the next 8 months I look forward to meeting you, hearing you, and taking this leap together.

17-21 wouldn’t fit but trust me it’s even more red

We deserve better,


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