I have never been the most popular person.

Nor was it ever something I wanted to be.

As a kid my mom says I could put on a show with the best of them. However, considering the source. Parents do have bias. As a teenager I tried my best to avoid being seen. I think most kids do. In my twenties I was too busy workin and going to school to even think much about it or care. Then, it was all about being the best teacher and coach I could be until I became a father.

Actually, I think popularity has been something I have outwardly avoided my entire life. Don’t get me wrong I like people. But when given the choice of anonymity or publicity i’d just assume keep my head down. But, desperate times call for drastic measures.

Politics sometimes brings out the worst in people. Other times it just reveals them for who they truly are. Unto this world I offer myself. I believe if we continue to select the same type of people, from the same political parties, and we continue to expect something different than we are actually the crazy ones.

For the second time in my life I’m going to try to be the most popular guy in Central Indiana. Specifically Westfield, Sheridan, and western Carmel. Not as a Republican. Not as a Democrat. Not even as a Libertarian. Staying ever true to myself I’m going to do this as an Independent.

Not infamous, yes there is a difference

Will it be easy? No.

Is there a road map? No.

So, how does a 42 year old person with very little money, no political or media connections win a popular election in America?

My best guess is by talking to as many people between now and November as possible. Be available. I’m going to carve out more than enough time to be available.


As an Independent I’ll need right around a thousand signatures by July 15th to get on the ballot. So, my plan is to have thousands of conversations to get those signatures, and even more conversations to earn your vote.

This I’ve already started. As of today I have close to 100 signatures already.

Plus, like last time all the street performances, signs, and a few new twists will be the icing on the cake of this nearly four year polyscisocitechanthropoliticopopulus experiment of mine. In full it would read poly science, sociological, tech, anthropological, political, populs experiment of mine : ^ ) ~

IN 24

For those of us in the newly minted boundaries of Indiana House District 24. I want to be our voice. Time is of the essence. So I wanted to be the first candidate to introduce myself:

My name is Ken Tucker.

I want your vote. Not for any personal glory. Honestly, as important of a job this is the pay sucks. It’s actually less than the salary of a teacher. That’s why most representatives either own a business, come from money, or are on the payroll of large corporations.

I want Indiana to be better in a lot of ways. I, much like I hope a lot of you, have waited patiently for change my entire life. But, in terms of politics, equality, our environment, public education, and the public good you could make the case that we are worse off now than before. Either way I’m tired of waiting for common sense and kindness to prevail.

I want to be in the state house to help educate all of us about what is happening. I also want to talk with my fellow colleagues out of the majority of things they do. Especially as it pertains to education, equality, and our environment.

I want to be the change of our Indiana political landscape and yes possibly even the world.

Since this is a professional dream might as well try and change the world.

Can’t wait.


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