Mi nombre es Quique. I’ve always pronounced it “key kay”.

Su nombre es Quique

My high school Spanish teacher, Senorita Bangsburg, gave me that name and made me spell it Quique. After sharing my name with my grandma I tried to convince Srta. Bangsburg I was more Mexican than Spanish, and that I would rather escribe mi nombre much like they would in my grandmothers Michoacán as Kike but she didn’t care. I was Quique.

As my daughters continue to get older I have been looking for interesting ways to introduce them to things that their dad used to be interested in, like baseball. As we were watching the Oakland A’s hosting the Boston Red Sox a familiar and unliked face re appeared.

I have a personal grudge with Kike Hernandez.

We share a nickname and he’s a professional athlete. It’s jealousy on my end. It all began when he first entered Major League Baseball as a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers. In the 2016 and 2017 playoffs he and a few other average guys from the Dodgers seemed to do extraordinary things. Clutch hits. Home runs. Making plays in the infield and the outfield.

The Red Sox and the Oakland A’s have been my other baseball teams.

I started watching the A’s when I was a teenager for a few reasons. First, they were not in the National League. Second, being a Pacific Coast team they were usually on late and I was too. Third, they have always been a competitive small market team. I can respect that. Fourth, they are my favorite color. A bonus now is that Joe Buck never calls their games.

In my twenties I rooted for the Red Sox. They had been a long suffering franchise filled with their own curses, infamous moments, and a historic ballpark rich with traditions and folk lore. Then, they got good. Really good. So much I stopped watching or rooting for them. In fact each Spring and Summer I hope the Orioles or The Rays win the AL East. However, now that I know Kike is in Boston I’m using him as a way to teach my daughters how to politely be upset with an athlete.

As my daughters continue to get older I try to introduce them to things I’m not familiar with, like soccer. Like the majority of people my age fútbol is a mystery to me. I don’t know all the rules. I really enjoyed the 98 World Cup but not as much as the Tucker ladies and I enjoyed Ted Lasso.

I’ll do anything for my daughters so I’ve decided to expose them to soccer. I would like to see if my daughters are into it. So, I’ve decided to start following the first Quique I ever knew. Srta Bangsburg told me Quique was a famous football player. But, she said futbol. I checked our school library and they had no record of Sr. Setién. I then stopped by the Crown Point Public Library and did find a soccer book with a mention of Quique.

I just completed a google search of Quique Setién and he is now coaching one of the most storied global sports franchise in F.C. Barcelona. If that isn’t incentive enough they play in La Liga I’d like to see what all the hub bub is about. Camp Nou is an iconic stadium but here’s the pièce de résistance Messi plays for F.C.B and apparently he and Quique don’t get along.

What is it with sports and drama? I guess it’s the original reality TV.

mes que un club

“more than a club”


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