Smiles are free

Now that we are taking our masks down I’d like to remind the world that,

The best things in life,

are free

I realize that my wife, my daughters, and myself are one of the few people still wearing our masks in spaces such as Aldi, Goodwill, Kroger, Target, and Menards. Places where keeping our social distance is damn near impossible. I somewhat understand the looks of bewilderment there. Understanding it doesn’t mean I or we accept it. Our kids still can’t get vaccinated. We still don’t really know everything about this virus but you do you and we will do us.

However, while walking and riding on the trails my wife, my daughters and I get met with the same puzzled looks when our masks have been left at home. Even more perplexing about these looks would be that they come after acknowledging our shared space with another human being by smiling, waving, or extending a greeting.

I said hi.

But they didn’t


Granted, my daughters are only 4 and 5. They don’t understand that a head nod is an acceptable response. I am admittedly biased towards kids but how can you not smile when a child stops there day to wave and say hello? Where is all the live, love, laugh people?

I waved.

But they didn’t


Yes, it seems that we have gotten back to normal. But as far as kindness is concerned I don’t want to live in a world where simple acts of human interaction once again fall to the waste side. For all the positive t-shirts I read while on our trails or in our stores. For all the bumper stickers that express the virtuousness of kindness and community. I’m not really feeling it out there.

Smiles are free,

Pass one along

I hoped reopening would rewire our minds but it still seems like the same old same old in terms of the overall politeness in America. I know. I know. I have to rosey a disposition. But trust me, I don’t want to chat with you. But by acknowledging each other we open up a world of possibilities.


And fam.

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