Flag pole sitta

Isn’t it strange how a song can take you back to a specific moment of your life?

It’s a sin to live this well

Voluntarily unemployed at 41. Say what you want about some of my many failures in life, but having the ability to stay at home and raise my daughters has been an excellent choice. It has allowed our family to avoid the trappings most families face when having to work and be a parent. That decision of my wife and I is the only way this entire thing is going so well.

If your bored than your boring

Henry Danger

To a certain extent I have always felt this way. Luckily for me my life has been far from boring even at it’s most mundane. Case in point, while sitting around I have watched my two daughters develop their first crushes on Kid Danger. A crush so strong that a recent episode entitled, “Henry Danger: The musical” has supplanted Hamilton and The Greatest Showman as their favorite musical. The power of television.

I like to think of myself as an early childhood expert. I can’t remember how we landed on Henry Danger except to say that from my own experiences kids need nonsense. I probably clicked on it because it had superheros. Also, the title reminded me of Harvey Danger, thus this subsequent rambling.

As much as I love music and talk on the radio it’s interesting to me that I can never find a good radio station or good talk on the radio. Maybe that is something I can line up moving forward for employment.

Paranoia, paranoia everyone’s coming to get me,

It’s a SAHDlife but someone is lucky enough to do it,


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