Addition by subtraction

It didn’t take a pandemic for me to understand that in the grand scheme of life sports are non essential. The first four years of being a parent did a good job of bringing that into focus for me. That being said, I’ve always used sports as a way to distract myself from the uncontrollable nature of the human world. Watching, collecting, organizing, categorizing, and yes talking about sports is a coping mechanism for many.

As a life long true blue Chicago Cubs fan I’m not thrilled with anything this organization has done since 2016.

But, 2016 is all I ever wished for as a kid, teenager, twenty something, and halfway into my 30’s. The 2015 and 2016 Chicago Cubs rank among the most enjoyable sports teams of my lifetime. Almost in spite of the organizations history 2016 happened. Then, even faster then the baseball gods sent a 17 minute 9th inning rain delay to allow the Cubs to regroup and win a World Series. They sent the Cubs back to normal.


Fare the well,


Thanks for bringing Jack Arrieta to Wrigley Field the first time. That was all you and he was the main reason for all the success during the 2015 and 2016 seasons.

But, just like Joe Maddon’s departure last Winter and all the other Cubs off season since 2016 this organization is little worse off than the previous year because of the departure of Yu and you. Sadly, the start of 2021 Chicago Cubs appears to be yet again about what we lost as opposed to what we have added, or any homegrown talent coming up to The Show.

More like the Bulls than the Cards, meat.

Unlike the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, or Atlanta Braves the Chicago Cubs more closely resemble the Durham Bulls. They still struggle with home grown talent and more often than not can’t get out of their own way. I guess that is part of the reason why they have been so lovable during my lifetime. A day before the 2021 season is to begin it appears that the only thing the Cubs might be good at as an organization is the a complete rebuild. However, being 1 for 1 is hardly makes it scientific fact. As far as the 2021 season is concerned I don’t think bringing Arrieta back and adding Joc Pederson is going to be enough to compete in a wide open Central Division. Even if they catch lightning in the bottle and make it interesting once October comes around this group is probably more pretending than contending. But, it’s not all dome and gloom. I’m hoping for some simple addition by subtraction from just behind the Marquee in the TV booth this season.

Addition by subtraction

The fact that Len Kasper has left the Chicago Cubs is of great relief to me. I know Jim Deshaies was no real help but my feelings about Len predate JD. A good call has always been something I knew I was going to get when I enjoyed a Cubs game during the first 3 decades of my life. However, over the last decade the only good call has been on the radio with Pat and Ron. Here’s hoping whoever this new guy from The Marquee Network is that will be calling the games will bring some life, good commentary, and chit chat to a booth that for over a decade has been as dull as any local Little League PA announcer. I know Mark Grace would have I just hope Boog will.

Far from an A team

As far what will happen on the field, I hope they win another World Series.

In reality 2021 looks like another year floating in and around .500 while life continues to move forward and back to normalcy.

Hopefully anyway,


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