The Conservative Political Action Conference.

A small powerful tent with plenty of political persuasiveness.

Celebrated each year with an annual conference that predates my birth. A conference that makes it all to clear why I can’t possibly support this brand of conservatism.

Most of us only hear about this group once a year because of the lunacy that takes place during this multi day convention. However, the scary part for me about this group and this particular conference is that the people that take the stage at this conference are the ones driving and participating in the national conversation that effects all of our lives.

This convention gives conservative activists and politicians a public forum. One long weekend that serves as a platform for the conservatives out there. Sadly, for as long as I can remember it has also been known more for the ridiculous headlines,

Bad stand up
Poor flag etiquette

Then for good conversations. It seems each year becomes more idiotic and deity driven than years past,

Their Golden Calf

It seems to me that whatever this PAC was it has now just turned into the Donald J. Trump faction of what used to be the GOP.

From what I can tell this conference is no longer about government and public policy. It’s about culture wars and in 2021 I find that a sad reality and also a microcosm of the latest version of the American Experience.

I don’t typically hear something that I agree with from any of the CPAC speakers but this year I did agree with one line from Senator Cruz’s bit,

This is just dumb,


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