Meanwhile, back in Indiana

I continue to try and understand Indiana politics.

So far this legislative session the Indiana General Assembly is attempting pass HB1134 and make it even more challenging to stand up to them in a political sense.

Then, I wake up this morning to learn they are going to stop protecting our natural environment via draining our wetlands as described in SB 389.

Not to mention all the unresolved issues with our teachers, public education in general, and equality concerns over the last decade and a half.

This is not the Indiana or America I want it to be or have been promised.

Let’s face it. As a state Indiana is not inclusive and that begins with our elected officials. These are the people that have won public office. These elected representatives are doing whatever to stay in power while systematically destroying our environment and maintaining state mandated inequalities in regards to almost every aspect of our lives.

And I for one am tired of it

More accurately, I guess I should say I continue to be over these abuses of power and despite losing an election I continue the fight for the Indiana and America I want to leave for future generations.

Or we are all f’d*,


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