Can I govern while I’m young, October 18th

A lot of interesting things have happened over this last week.

With a lot of help from my friends we successfully pestered Fox 59 to include me in the conversation for this race. I won’t be on the stage today when the other candidates talk about the race. But, I will be on a week from today on IN Focus Indiana and clips from that tapping will be included in their Election 2020 special. To me, that’s a huge win in terms of getting my face, name, and message out to the district.

Thank you

Most notably this week I was finally able to bring Stella and Geri with me to a few of the parks I have discovered during this campaign. I have been flying solo during the last seven months our of an extreme level of concern over COVID-19, and because all the signage being stored in the Element or the Tucker Bus there left no room in the back of either vehicle. But this week I decided to just leave the sign up, take the country roads, and have a few adventures.

Back in Hartford City

We dodged some raindrops while at Falls Park in Pendelton and learned to dance in the rain on the Terrace Garden at Shadyside Park in Anderson. The next day we made our way out to Gas City Park for lunch and to feed the animals at the petting Zoo. Then, we made our way to Hartford City and Wyler Plaza to sail the Seven Seas and play in a tree house. Finally, we made the trip over to Matter Park in Marion to play in the leaves, walk around the Children’s Garden.

By far the greatest day of this campaign was Saturday when for the first time all of Team Tucker loaded up and campaigned all over Boone County and the North Side of Indy. I have cherished all these campaign stops along the way but none more so than having my entire family with me yesterday.

On the lighter side of the campaign I got three months free of XM and have been listening to a lot of Phish.

I don’t expect you to listen to it all

Who can unlearn all the things that I’ve learned,

If we keep going along with this two party system money is speech. Politicians aren’t people but pawns of the rich and powerful. If not now, when will it be time for a voice of the people in politics?

As I have sat in their chairs and my synapses burned,

Sometimes during my campaign I have felt like my synapses were on fire for reasons ranging from exhaustion, outrage, isolation, or from feeling voiceless, avoided, mislead, not taken seriously, out right ignored, etc. At least a handful of times my head has seemingly exploded when I have been omitted from, not invited to, or otherwise kept out of the conversation involving this race by the other two candidates and their party. But the most saddening times have been when other organizations, non profits, and a few news outlets that we have entrusted to inform, engage, and empower the average voter refuse to even put my name in print as a candidate. Is this democracy in action or suppression?

Come stumble in mirth my beaten worker

First, they ignore you.


Then, they laugh at you.


Then, they fight you.

I’m still workin on this one as a political candidate. However as an Indiana Educatore I have been engaged in a fight for the soul of public education. I’m happy to say whether as a teacher, now turned political candidate I’m still punchin up for all of US who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Then, we win.

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