Common Sense

Aristotle, John Locke, and Thomas Paine are just a few people that have written and spoken about political common sense. Paine way back in 1775 even titled his pamphlet Common Sense and addressed it it to the inhabitants of America. Roughly a hundred years later Samuel Clemens pointed out that common sense and politics weren’t really lining up any longer. One hundred and fifty years after Mark Twain openly skewered the hypocrisy of politics nothing has changed. We all seem fine, or at the very least accepting, of that fact that money matters the most in politics. Seems wrong to me.

Stop spending money on shit we don’t need,

To save our own asses

Harry “Opey” Winston

Let me try to explain some Common Sense items for me.

  1. Stop wasteful spending.

I would like to redirect wasted money towards innovative solutions to combat educational inequalities, climate change, and our failing infrastructure. All the while creating new jobs, industries, and tackling issues I consider existential threats to our existence such as education, the environment, and equality.

2. Follow the Golden Rule.

3. Create new markets

By creating new industries right here in Indiana we will create new jobs, and create new revenue to help fund our infrastructure and schools.

3. Get money out of politics.


At least I promise not to ask you for money.

If nothing else I would like for my time as a candidate and as an elected official to show the world the true role money plays in politics. Why? Because I think it’s bullshit and two I hope to redirect charitable donations and PAC money towards the greater good, rather than the status quo.

4. Institutional Reforms

Everyday while in office I will fight for reform. Educational. Environmental. Equity. Political. Criminal Justice.

Aesop. Chomsky. Vonneguet. Chernow. Marx. Shakespeare. Stewart. Voltaire. Thucydides. Camus. Garcia. Hunter. Poe. Lennon. Et al.

Whatever social contract, or common sense ideas we were founded on seem to have been changed to only benefit the wealthy. I hope my candidacy will bring some common sense to Indiana via the 5th Congressional District.

You may say I’m a dreamer,

But I’m not the only one.

At least I hope not.

Or, I’m totally screwed.


Especially those making, enforcing, and changing our laws

If you’re unfamiliar with Mark Twain’s views on politics and politicians search, “Mark Twain Political Quotes”

You’re welcome.

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