6/14 Moving forward

I met some more interesting folks. Most even in district. A few not. All have said they would vote for me for a variety of reasons. I hope they tell their friends.

I had a blast up in Greentown last Sunday. Worked, continue to work, am working through some side walk sign engineering issues.

Caught a sun rise in Lawrence

Got some free pub in The Current on Tuesday and hosted an education forum on Zoom. The high winds on Wednesday kept me in off the streets but that lead to a great morning on 56th street, Pendelton Pike, and Oaklandon on Thursday. Lots of thumbs up, some honks, and a few hollers. Had a great Saturday morning in Eagle Creek. Lots of traffic and dialogue with potential constituents and possible voters.

Page 5

Which reminds me. If you see anything in your local papers please send my way. The article in The Current was the same as the others. Basically,

It’s a big job,

with a lot of responsibilities,

few requirements.

A lot of national interest as well as outside money and influences


A red one

A blue one

and me

A stay at home dad and former teacher.

Trying to earn your vote,

not buy it.

The Libertarian nominee for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District.

At the Marinas, along the reservoirs, on the rivers and trails

Trying to be everywhere, and know everyone.

To represent all of US.

Spread the word.

Join the tribe.


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