6/7 Rising Up

The biggest story this week has been the ongoing protest throughout our state, our nation, in our cities, in our towns, and on our streets over another black person dying while being arrested or while in police custody. The latest incident happened outside a Target in Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed. The shock waves of that incident coupled with the years, decades, and centuries of civil, social, and economic unrest have once again boiled over. But I think this time it’s different.

Even here in Westfield people took to the streets in protest. That is the different part. These protests are happening all over. Maybe I’m wrong but I like a good protest. A peaceful protest.

I like a good protest

But once you start yelling, throwing things, burning stuff, and stealing then you have crossed a line. Once you break the law it’s the duty of the police to protect all of US from lawlessness. I have never believed for a moment in my life that I could ever be a police officer. I respect all law officers. I support peaceful demonstrations. As a teacher and an activist I’ve been a part of plenty peaceful protest.

I could never be a police officer

As a student I’ve been around celebrations. I’ve stormed fields. As an adult I’ve brought my signs into the state house. I’ve marched through city streets. Every time in my life the scene has turned from peaceful to violent I’ve walked the other way. When the joy turns to rage that’s when I dip. When things begin to be thrown, cars began to get flipped, and fires are lit I was long gone. My eyes have been stung by tear gas wafting down my street.

Sometimes angry shouting leads people to do things they wouldn’t normally do like flip, throw, kick, punch, and in some extreme cases even shoot and also fight for your rights and fight for equality. I think these protest are once again the American People exercising our voice. At least I hope so because to much is at stake for all of us to continue to be taken advantage of by our antiquated two party system.

But for me and my campaign

It was the biggest week yet. My discussion on the media’s role in politics lead to some interesting conversations with some constituents. I got a nice reaction in Fishers. Truthfully most seemed uninterested. I wonder if 116th was bad placement, maybe the intersection were too big, or my signs are too small. I scared those nearest me. Most looked the other way. But the ones in the far lanes seemed intrigued by me.

Gapers delay

Got some honks and a few thumbs up so that is always a good sign. I’m heading up through Kokomo and Greentown this morning. I hope to get a few more beeps and who doesn’t like a good thumbs up. I also lined up some guests for the next 2 weeks of Tuesday’s with Tucker. This Tuesday the focus is on education and next week it’s our energy future, ecology, and land management.

This week I finally learned who I will be running with during these next 5 months of the campaign. Drum roll please………

Victoria Spartz and Christina Hale are my challengers for Indiana’s 5th Congressional District. They both spent the most money on their sides respectively and not shockingly they won their parties nomination. One loves guns, babies, and our President. The other hasn’t really said much but is considered a moderate. Neither have ever returned an email or agreed to speak with me at any time over the last 6 months. I hope that changes over the next 5. I finally got some press as well.

Ken Tucker, a former Noblesville school teacher, will also be on the ballot in November as a Libertarian.

Indy Star

A third announced candidate in the race is Libertarian Ken Tucker. Tucker was a teacher for 12 years in Noblesville and is now a stay-at-home dad.

The Herald Bulletin

Not surprisingly there is a lot more to both the articles written by Kaitlin Lange and Ken de la Bastide but I got one complex sentence in The Star and two simple sentences in The Hearald. It’s a start. As most of you know I have been trying to get our local media to give me equal time in print and over the free airwaves. It hasn’t happened yet. Either way here are links to the articles.




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