Luckiest man

Oliver and Chris

They are one of my favorite bands that I have never seen. I found them after attending a Wheeler Brothers Brothers show back in 2013 with your mom. The Jayhawks opened up for them. They stole the show.

Even before you and your sister were born I connected with this song. Now, even more so because of you, your sister, and your mom.

I love all of you.

Especially your mom.

After hearing this song I was constantly listening to it. At this same time I was enthralled with finishing George R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series. I managed to stay ahead of Game of Thrones. I always thought this song would have been a great end to Season 5.

Still waiting on last 2 books

I haven’t watched past the books

Not sure I will

But now as a dad trying to take on the political establishment. I feel an even stronger connection to this song.

Your up against,

Too many horses,

and mysterious forces,

But what I do know is I am

the luckiest man……

As long as I stay true to myself. As long as I can stay true to the person you know. As long as I can keep a smile on your mom’s face I am the luckiest man.

Another spoiler alert. I heard John Snow gets brought back to life in the show. Not Cat. If that is the case “Postcards from Hell” would be a great comeback song for the bastard son to the Seven Kingdoms and that’s a huge let down from the books and totally changes George’s Westeros . But what do I know?

I’m just your,


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