Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day,

It’s always been important day to me. As a kid it meant a parade and to put my hand on my heart as the flag went by. As a student and young adult it came to mean a three day weekend in remembrance of those who lost their lives in service to our country but to put my hand on my heart as the flag went bye. As an adult it means all those things and it’s a marketing ploy to buy stuff.

Even before this pandemic many Memorial Day parades and festivities had long sense been cancelled. For our newer communities many had never even bothered to be set one up. We are all busy. Most of us work and there’s a lot that goes into planning a parade. Not you can be patriotic by just remembering the past.

In remembrance

Whether we’re working, driving back from a family getaway, opening our pools, or just having a BBQ please take a moment and think about what today actually is,

a day to remember the fallen.

For those that gave their tomorrows,

So that we should have our today

Not sure who said it first
The Last Call is where I first heard it

I hope that can makes us all a little bit more patriotic. Especially for all those days that are not sanctioned government holidays or yearly Americanized marketing blow out sale date. Veteran’s Day is when we remember those that are still alive. The Fourth of July is all about Independence. A note on the calendar proclaiming it a Flag Day. Just be sure to fly it correctly. It’s a social pet peeve of mine if you didn’t know.

Basically the stars are always in the upper left


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