The Chicago Bulls

I just paused the ESPN docuseries entitled The Last Dance because I’m not sure if I want to remember what once was in the light of what is now the Chicago Bulls. Especially Los Bulls sense 1998.

5 minutes is all I could bear of the good times. Truth be told I almost wept. The tears I would have shed would have been tears of true sports pain and sadness as opposed to joy. How could this happen? What has my favorite NBA franchise become since The Last Dance.

Only the Bulls

I’ve always enjoyed all sports for their action, the athleticism, the strategy, the numbers, and the history. If I’m a know it all about anything it is Chicago Sports. Because of that I know where this story is going. I lived through it. I remember almost everything about what happened back then to build the Bulls into a championship caliber team. Then champs. Next, 3-peats. Trademarked by Pay Riley, right? Finally, even before it was over The Bulls Front Office deciding to rebuild a championship organization. The decision to end the Phil, Michael, Scottie, and Jerry partnership. As an adult I also understand how that ending has kept this franchise from competing in the this NBA.

Why would anyone want to come to Chicago?
They actually let Mike walk.
Why would they care about you?

If you have enjoyed sports as much as I have during your life you will have a variety of emotions. Those emotions are surely to include excitement, pain, happiness, heart ache, joyfulness, and down right disgust. Nostalgia can work both ways. Especially when your team used to be considered one of the best ever.

Could they have met the super fans prediction of 9?
Maybe. But, change and life happen fast

The Bulls I knew growing up had been at the bottom of the league and no real credibility. Thankfully though most of my youth was spent with Michael Jeffrey Jordan. I know they were a joke before him. After leading the Bulls from relative obscurity to the conversation of All Time Great NBA Dynasties The Chicago Bulls said, “Thanks but no thanks” to MJ. Since that moment they have spent more time at the bottom of the Eastern Conference than even sniffing a true NBA championship caliber team. This documentary is what 23 years old. My biggest question to ESPN at this point is why did you hold on to this for so long?

They even made the Allan Parsons Project Cool

Remember when they weren’t a joke?

Here’s hoping Arturas Karnisovas and his front office are nothing like GarPax. While I’m making wishes here’s hoping the next generation of NBA superstar Free Agents excuse the Bulls Organization for their past transgressions. Here’s also hoping that Da Bulls can get as lucky as they did in ’84 and ’08. Here’s wishing, the next Heach Coach is more Zen Master or Coach Thibs than Freddie or Timmy. I respected Vinnie and Skiles, and never thought Boylen or Cartwright even had a real chance.

Even before the NBA shut down this year I had actually stop caring about the Bulls. Here’s hoping for a real change at the former Madhouse on Madison.

See Red


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