Our Corona Story

Whatever happened to predictability,

The milkman, the paper boy, evenin’ TV

Depending on when, or if you ever read this post this is the one about the Corona Virus, COVID-19, or the Great Quarantine as I like to refer to March and April of 2020. It was a time in history when a Perfect Storm of circumstances fell upon our house. First, I was unemployed already. I was also in the middle of a pre-COVID virtual campaign to get elected to public office. For the last 6+ weeks your mom has been working from home with us. You were 3 and 4 years old respectfully. Still 10 months apart and you were pretty self sufficient. Although, you still need assistance wiping your butts.

Currently, you two are best friends. I hope that will last in some extent forever. You are as different as you are alike but you seem to be a perfect compliment to each other. You get lost in your own imaginations. You spend hours in the wonderful world of make believe. You two still think mom and I are cool and enjoy when we are involved in your adventures and we you. It’s great.

How’d I get delivered here,

Somebody tell me please

So far what we have told you about what is going on with our world is that everyone is staying home because they don’t want to get sick. That’s why mom is working from home, your school got cancelled, why no one is allowed to come over, and why a lot people are wearing masks.

Do your jobs, heh?

This virus came about by a series of missteps over the course of the last few months for sure by many people not listening to the facts. However, it goes back years if not a decade or more of consistent ineptness, incompetence, denial, and lack of preparedness by our public and private sectors. Then, in an over reaction and out of an abundance of caution we now find ourselves self quarantined. Pandemics aren’t new. It has happened before and it will happen again. But that’s a multi layered conversation for a different post.

Our first Tucker family TV binge

As far as the Tucker’s this Quarantine has been great. For us it’s basically been business as usual. I’m a short order cook/executive chef, home engineer, maid, head of the grounds crew, adventure planner, husband, dad, and candidate for Congress. You two play all day. Over the last week me, your mom, the two of you, and on occasion Wrigs and Moo’s have been binging Full House. We started with season one episode one but skipped ahead to season two after a few more risque episodes with a little too much skin, too much suggestive humor, and alcohol for my liking. Since I get to hand pick what you view I didn’t want you to be exposed to that.

You’re in big trouble mister

I made the decision to skip to season two in hopes that more Aunt Becky would mean less of the above. Who knew thirty years later she’d be the one with the questionable character. So far the jump ahead to season has worked out well. The adult humor is still there but less half naked woman running around the Tanner House and fishing charter. Don’t get me wrong I’m as liberal as anyone but when it comes to you and your sister I want to try and keep you as innocent as I can for as long as I can. But, just like the explanation of the Quarantine/Covid I will always be truthful and honest.

How rude!

I hope we have enough time together that we all find humor in Danny Tanner and Bob Saget. However, in a little over a week we have all enjoyed the hell out of the first 17 episodes of season 2.

I guess it’s a bit of TV nostalgia for your mom and I. We both have seen all these episodes before. We are the original TGIF viewers. We remember watching these on Friday nights during our youth. Now we get to relive that experience with the two of you. One big difference is you two complain about the commercials on our middle tier Hulu subscription. On a single income it’s part of the game your mom and I have been playing for the last decade or so with online streaming.

Best line up

You see your mom and I are a couple of TV pros. We, like you grew up with TV. In fact we are pioneers in a sense. Back when we first moved in together we started renting TV shows from Blockbuster and checking them out from the library. We would knock out seasons over a weekend. It’s called binging now. We just called it vegging then. You see we were the original cord cutters. People thought we were crazy for not having cable or satellite service since 2005, but much like what is taking place outside our door currently the world can change in the blink of an eye.

For whatever reason I do remember enjoying Perfect Strangers
It had to be cousin Balki

I don’t want to undersell the enormity of what is happening to some individuals, families, and neighborhoods during this time. But for us at least this has been one of those times I hope to remember forever. Whatever this is I’m so happy to be going through it with the three to five of you. The only real complaint I have at this time are cute ones.

You got it dude!

Your both starting to mimic and parrot what you see on TV. It’s unavoidable. I knew it would happen. I’ve been through this before. I watched this happen with your aunt and uncle. I saw them see themselves in the characters on TV. I was a boy and older than Stephanie at the time. DJ was always nice but she was older than me. I always related more to Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse.

My family, and those I grew up around were more Bundy and Simpson than Tanner. It’s interesting to watch you watch this. The only way I can relate it to you, or me now is it’s like you are watching a reality TV show. Real people acting like a family. Up until now it’s been all animated shows. As always I’m amazed to see the world through your eyes and try to hold on to being a kid myself.

If there is a time in my life where I need to in vision my happy place it is surely this time here with all of you.

Cut, it, out

Love Dad.

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