Non traditional

I come from a non traditional family. I was a non traditional student. I attended secondary education in a non traditional way. I was a non traditional teacher. I’m a non traditional stay at home parent. Now, I come upon politics in a non traditional way and I’m running, you guessed it, a non traditional campaign.

I wouldn’t have it any other way

Don’t get me wrong. I think traditions are great. America was founded on traditions. Albeit it a non traditional way. But I think this country has thrived in because of its non traditional thinking. It’s always been around. Heck, we were founded on it. The founding beliefs of freedom of religion, press, speech, and the pursuit of happiness started here in America.

What happened?

The question I have now is, what happened? What are we evolving into politically speaking? Two choices, if you’re lucky? Living in Indiana, I’m not. How can anything productive happen if you only have one voice?

That is why a favorite line of mine over the last 3 years during any political discussions includes,

Don’t blame me.

I voted for Johnson

If you think politicians can be selfish, ignorant, and tone deaf than that is (y)our fault.

How can it be my fault?

How, might you ask? I think it’s because you elected someone you probably didn’t really know, or even worse you actually voted for someone who you knew probably had 2 or 3 of the characteristics from above just to keep someone else out of office.

If we in Indiana continue to allow one political party a super majority then we are boxing ourselves into a very small close minded box. We are part of the problem. If you are like me you vote because you want to be a part of the process. That is a good thing. I am an Independent because I can’t, don’t, or wont give money to any political party. I want to serve the individuals in this state and I vote with my conscious not along any one party line.

C’mon Indiana

Now think about what our elected officials decide for all of us by voting Yea or Nay. Yeah, it’s pretty concerning to me that we only have one voice in all those conversations.

If you want someone who is honest, enlightened, and willing to listen then think about me.

Ken Tucker

Thanks for reading.

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