Me, at 40


Tuesday, October 22nd, 2019

I, Ken Tucker, am 40.

I’m good with it

and any other number

40, 30, 21, 18, 16, 12, 7, 1

The last two from above I don’t really remember. If I had to guess I’d have to say I was probably excited and scared. The rest of em? They were opportunities to spend some time with the people I love, have an ice cream cake, and maybe watch the Boilers or Bears. I’m lucky enough to even have watched the Cubs win game six of the 2016 NLCS. A win in which they punched their ticket to the World Series.

Golden ones

Bar Mitzvah


Sweet 16

Clinching ones

I always try to divert attention but graciously accept the acknowledgement of today. My birthday has always been a day that I have enjoyed. Not for the material things but from the communications that comes from speaking to those I truly love. Family, my friends that still care, and other people from my past that remind me of the different stages of my life. Birth, adolescence, young adult, school, work, and play. It’s a day of reflection and reconnectin’.

I’ve never put much stock in judging any person, especially an adult, by a number associated with your time spent alive. I’ve met young students much older than their age 7-17. I’ve met adults much younger than their age 17 and above. I didn’t get my license until I was almost 18. I drank before 21. I was never excited about buying cigarettes or going into the porn section at the video store.

However, I’ve always listened to the wisdom that can come with time spent in a profession or from a trusted adult. They have always been right. The years now feel like months, the months can feel like days, but some days seem to never end. But yet most go by in the blink of an eye. Sometimes you don’t even get a moment to say good bye.

With age can come wisdom


bitterness, hatred, coldness

The 40th birthday was first marketed to me as Over the Hill and rolling down. It seemed to be portrayed as the moment when someone started to become mentally and physically obsolete. Then, 40 was marketed to be the time in most peoples lives were they endured a mid life crisis. Buying a sports car, doing something new to their hair, looking outside their marriage for a spark, and/or taking a risky professional/financial/personal chance on themselves.

Most recently 40 has been dubbed the new 30. For the record. 40 is 40. Better than my 20’s and a lot better than my teens. Not as good as being a kid.

Don’t be in a hurry to grow up

Me to my daughters

My 30’s were great! Recently married, had my dream job, and I became a father. So what did I do? I gave up my job to stay at home and raise my daughters. A job that I have loved even more than teaching, coaching, or working in a factory. I’m now a short order cook, physician, psychiatrist, chauffeur, butt and nose wiper, tear dryer, clown, trail guide, companion, librarian, maid, etc. A homestead engineer if you will. It’s been great.

Some age gracefully,

Like a wine or a bourbon

I prefer aged to perfection

This morning as I wait for my family to wake I can’t help but at least reflect like most days on who I am, why I am, and what I want to accomplish before I leave this earth. Today, I look forward to the predawn song from my mom. I hope for a nice day with my family. My lovely wife, my two daughters, two pups, and one grumpy old cat as a whole and whatever individual time we have together.

Some sour with age,

Like milk

Tomorrow, I’ll continue my run for office in Indiana as an Independent candidate for the 5th Congressional District. But please understand this not a mid life crisis. I’ve been contemplating it since 2013. It’s the next chapter in the story of a guy from Indiana. As I look ahead and back at this state and the nation I would like to say that I, and many others, are tired of waiting for the changes we’ve been promised our entire life. For me it’s equality, actual education reform, cleaner energy, and not waiting to benefit from the legalization of pot. But, we have and will talk more about that later.

Plus, my ladies are awakening.

This is no mid life crisis

said anyone ever having one

When bands that started when you were in high school are played on the classic rock station,

When athletes you idolized are going into the hall of fame,

When the elementary students you once taught, are now teaching themselves,

You are officially,

Happy Birthday to me,



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