Hearing Aids

First off, I don’t have them. However, like most of us at some point in my life I’ll probably need them. More importantly, and the reason for this post is to inform everyone that has never thought about them; they are incredibly expensive. For now anyway.

Insurance does not cover them

And, the cost of supplemental hearing insurance is astronomical

My older brother has been wearing hearing aids since he was in 1st grade. Unfortunately for him no one in our family knew he needed them until he was 7. That was the moment in which he didn’t perform well on a hearing test at school.

I think we all can agree that hearing is important. It is one one our our five senses.

It’s important. They all are

Many people in the United States for reasons that range from pride, prejudice, and in some cases vanity decide to neglect this sense. Sadly for some suffering from hearing loss it’s a financial decision to go without the capability to hear.


Average price for hearing aids

Think about that. For my family a $4,200 bill of any kind would make it one of the largest purchases behind only our house and cars. There are people who simply can’t afford to hear. Some all together. Others, like my brother, have struggled with specific sounds and constant blends.

I have witnessed first hand the delicate lives these expensive hearing devices live. More disheartening is how short the lifespan of these devices are for a normal person. Because of the delicate work life balance and fragile nature of hearing aids my brother has spent more time with one functional hearing aid than with a pair. My brother, and I’m sure others, have spent too much time without hearing assistance of any kid because of the cost associated with repair and maintenance. But that could all change soon.

For those who need help hearing but can’t afford it potential relief could be here by 2020. Thanks to the efforts of Frank Lin, M.D., Ph. D., Professor of Otolaryngology at John Hopkins. At that time Americans will a have prescription free way of at least having the option of hearing better. All at a fraction of the cost and even more conveniently over the counter.

Basic American Consumerism

Skipping the hearing test, individualized programming, and molding of these devices will create a sub par device. But if you can’t afford $4,200 for the works it’s a simple equation of quantity over a quality. But for those that can’t afford the hefty price tag associated with a trip to the audiologist I think these knock of hearing aids are just what the doctor ordered.

I don’t claim to be an audiologist, or whatever MD, CEO, Ph. D., titles Dr. Lin has next to him name, but I do know that whatever the number is of the people my age, 40, and older that probably would not only benefit from some type of hearing device will only go up as the age in years declines. Most because of self inflicted abuse.

I cringe to think of what the irreparable damage to our ears we are all commiting on a daily basis. I especially for those young kids walking around with the latest Beats, earbuds, earpod, or Belkin wearing headphone culture we have turned into over the last decade or so.




Have helped expedite hearing loss, probably stand to benefit even more with this new law

In large part to the actual companies that will probably benefit from the recent decision of Congress to open the American Market to sell knock off hearing devices over the counter directly to the consumer. These PSAP’s (Personal Sound Amplification Products) could literally open the world of sound to a vast population that struggles with hearing loss.

Yes, this should matter to all of us. I wish Beltone all the luck in the world. That is as much luck as I could give to any multinational corporation that has been more than happy to fleece those who need hearing aids, much like my brother, over the course of their lifetimes. My true hope is that companies most notably, Starkey Hearing Technologies in Minnesota, are able to not just compete in this new market place but expand their current operations.

Starkey Technologies

Good Luck

This market is already huge and will be growing. I see this as an opportunity for any American manufacturing company to benefit from not just our Trade War with China. But also capitalize on all the Union busting legislation that has been passed over the last 3 decades and expand their operations here in America.

CBS Sunday Morning did a great piece on this a few weeks back. If you’d like to know more about the future of hearing. Check it out.

Another great story from Sunday Morning

Hope this new law can help all of US.

Thanks for reading,


My brother filled me in on his latest updated hearing aid replacement.

$4,900 hearing aids

$275 per repair, in factory

7 year life tops.

No shit.

Thanks T-dog

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