Hong Kong, not China

At least not yet.

Hong Kong is a city in China. But it is also a SAR a Special Administrative Region. The HKSAR if you will and is still a somewhat autonomous. Meaning it has freedom to govern itself.


Having freedom to govern itself or control its own affairs

If you have seen the news lately you know that people there are not happy. But do you know why?

Let me try to put it into context

Hong Kong was a British colony for 150 years until it was given back, somewhat, to China in 1997. Officially it’s semi autonomous until 2047. That’s when China is suppose to be given back to China. Currently Hong Kong is still independent but Beijing, the Capital, appoints it’s leadership.

Handover of Hong Kong 1997

Anyone living in Hong Kong has lived their entire life in some form of democracy The know basic rule of law and human rights among other Western values. Doesn’t sound like the China of today.

28 more years of one country but two systems

It’s a fight for democracy or a general way of life. One of the few good things that has come from Imperial Britain is that fact that some of those former British trading ports and colonies have gotten a taste of freedom. Including US.

Think about it. Imagine if we knew that in about 30 years we would have to give up our freedoms, lifestyles, and basically our general way of life.

How would you react?

I remember learning about when we lived outside the natural boundaries of the same British Empire for generations.

Give me liberty or give me death

Patrick Henry
Virginia 1775

Now, maybe you can imagine why people are protesting in Hong Kong.

I know there’s more to it, but I think if you didn’t know what was happening in China you should at least understand the basics.

Thanks for reading.


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