If the horse don’t pull,

you got to carry the load.

Famously sung by the Grateful Dead in New speedway Boogie.

Used today to demonstrate our American Political System.

The horse could be any politician.
The person would be any voter who feels misrepresented by said politician.

Workingman’s Dead is my favorite studio album from The Dead. It has always seemed to resonate with me, my family, and my friends in that order.

I first remember hearing the hypnotic sound as a young child in the mid to late 80’s at my Uncle Jim’s working man’s parties at his home. My uncle Jim had a profound effect on me because he was the first truly self made man I had ever met. A Vietnam Vet, Harley enthusiast, Union Electrician, real estate entrepreneur, and quite possibly the hardest working man I have ever met.

Even now as an unemployed stay at home dad I continue to connect with this album. I’ve been enjoying this album since I was a child. First it was the beat, then it was the lyrics, now it’s the fact that it makes me feel like with a little hard work even our deteriorating political society could be made to be beneficial for all of US. Not just a few.

If you please, don’t back up that track

This train has got to run today

If you are as fed up with having to choose between the lesser of two evils at any election. How about an Independent one?

One way or another,

The darkness has got to give



Enjoy, if you’d like

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