Something we all agree on

We hate taxes

Says most men, women, and corporations

We want full government but at a partial price. As individuals this can seem like a win. But for the Nation it’s always bad to keep operating in the red. To get back to black we can either pay for what we use or tax corporations more. I’m a stay at home dad who used to be a teacher. I can only speak from those perspectives when I say that

I doubt corporations will be on board with that.

And that always hurts the working class.

Or, am I wrong?

I like being a person of my word.

I’ll never make this claim

But, I will say that I will try and create new industries within our State and Nation to create new corporate taxable income.

Unless you like being lied to. If that’s the case:

I won’t raise your taxes

If you’re not going to hold other politicians accountable, why start with me?

Has there ever been a time in the history of America that we have paid less tax? Have taxes ever gone down? Not in my lifetime. I will however say to you that:

I will try to be smarter with where all our money is being spent.

I will try to create new industries and taxable revenue for our State and our Nation.

And I’ll do my best to make sure everyone and corporation that benefits from America pays a fair and honest tax.

To you I promise the above

Do you realize we are now borrowing from others to pay for our own decadence. It’s populism gone wrong.

One of my first conversations with potential constituents went the way I thought it would. I spoke to an older couple. One retired. One semi retired. I gave them my pitch, and ended by asking a fairly simple question:

What one things do you you want from your governmet?

My question

Him, Lower taxes

Her, Take care of vulnerable

Their answers

I promised to fight like hell for the second. I can’t guarantee the first. But, I agreed to fight so taxes don’t go up. More importantly, to go along with the theme of this post, I promise to take an honest and common sense look at where we are wasting our money and what corporations are profiting from corporate welfare. Companies such as Amazon, Netflix, GM, and IBM to name a few. Please tell me how these multinational corporations either didn’t pay any Federal Income Tax or even worse actually received a refund. It makes my common sense mind hurt.

It’s a rant. But, isn’t that politics?

As I said, I’ll always speak honestly, but don’t be upset with me if I ask questions as well. I make no claim that I know everything. But I will say I enjoy learning, researching, and conversing.

Thanks for reading.


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