Race to the bottom

I can’t help but look at what is happening in American and in the United Kingdom and wonder…

Are we still following Britain as an Empire down the ladder of history?

America dethroned Great Britain during the World Wars

Politically speaking, who is more chaotic?

President Trump and Boris Johnson for the next year or so.

If only it were a movie it could be entertaining

The mind dizzies at the possibilities.

For America, The UK, EU, and the rest of the world
Ladies and Gentlemen the new Prime Minister.

To be fair, and in a certain way a compliment to President Trump:

I don’t think we have fallen below them on the ladder…yet.

As far as Empires are concerned

Meaning, I think America still has more to offer the world then The United Kingdom. But I wonder for how long? If you are unaware of Brexit, the potential fallout both real and predicted, and the comedy of errors that has pushed them past multiple deadlines to figure our how the UK is to leave the European Union, good for you. I won’t speak as an expert on it. Except that what I do understand of it really makes me nervous.

David Cameron left the office at 10 Downing Street because of it, Theresa May won and lost an election because of it, and now Boris Johnson resides within these famed walls and is supposed to lead the UK moving forward.

Another important residence

But lets get back to our race down the ladder.

Lets give PM Johnson a bit of context for above pic.

Kudos to the kid for not biting on the fake. Although he did get trampled by a grown man for his efforts. But, the real question is WTF were you trying to do there now Prime Minister Johnson? Hopefully, unlike the video, all the momentum you had from your roll as a Brexit advocate doesn’t trample the UK and EU. You ran directly at that poor kid. Did you really think he ever thought you’d give up the ball?

I think the symbolism of the video shows how absolutely out of control the UK has become: politically speaking

Out of control political leadership stumbling forward

Good thing that couldn’t possibly happen here.

How? Why? Huh? Wow.

Heartless powers try to tell us what to think,

..it’s all to clear we are on our own,

Throwing Stones. Grateful Dead

Please be a conscious voter.

Picture a bright blue ball,

Just spinning, spinning free

Ashes to ashes all fall down

Do you think President Trump and Prime Minister Johnson will be as lucky as Harry and Lloyd at the end of this? I hope so.

That’s a lovely accent…

So you’re tellin me there’s a chance?

Are pets heads are falling off!

It’s ok…I’m a limo driver!


What if he woulda shot me in the face?

Here’s a fun game. Just listen to the audio from clip and tell me you would never hear President Trump or Prime Minister Johnson say any of those lines in real life.

You can’t.

As always,

thanks for reading.


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