4th Democratic Debate

Same intro as last night. 2nd Democratic Debate from Detroit.

6:57 a.m. Thursday, August 1st

Good intros. It’ll be interesting to see/how it develops. Found full debate on CNN website. I didn’t see that option yesterday.

I wont disagree with overall democratic message. A cleaner, brighter, healthy, more welcoming and prosperous America. I prefer this one as opposed to the deep, dark, scary one that has been presented to us from the other side of the aisle. Or at the very least not rebuked by the GOP.

I’m not a fan of the of the chants, or screaming from those for or against candidates. But that is the 1st amendment. Gotta love it.

For what it’s worth. I couldn’t understand what the “protesters” were chanting. Get a blog. See what I did there?

Who are we?

I agree Senator Harris

We are better than this

That’s what i’m betting on as well

In case you didn’t read last post. I did not watch opening statements last night. Only long highlights from CNN on youtube.

Now, on to the debate.

Health Care. See yesterdays blog for my thoughts.

It’s a need, not a privilege

7:08 Skipped to Part 2

Still talking insurance. A public Option through state is probably the easiest option. Not sure it would be the most effective.

Yes, mental and physical health should be covered

Again, it’s a need

Elections are referendums on our path.

We need secure borders. We need help from other countries. We are all immigrants. Personally, i’m a dreamer more than a deportee. You have to do it legally. My grandmother, grandfather, and friends will tell you the same.

7:15 skipped to Part 3

Governor Inslee on legal system reform. Path to law abiding citizenship for prisoners.

Thank you to all First Responders

Police, Fire Fighters, EMS, Soldiers

I could never have been a police officer. What would you do if you thought for any moment during your workday that 2 of you are going into the right, but only one of you were coming out to see your family?

What would you do?

You or me? I’ll do anything I can to see my family.

Keep reforming the criminal justice system. Yang, great ideas of how to use money more effectively.

I’m sorry to any family who has lost a loved one at the hands of a police officer. A knee jerk reaction by a city, state, or nation to fire someone before the incident goes through the legal system is not the correct response.

7:24 a.m. my youngest is up again. I gotta run.

Thanks for reading.


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