About Last Night

Against the back drop of redeveloping old car town, just across the river from Canada, the Democrats take stage in Detroit for last nights 3rd Democratic Debate.

Right now, i’m honestly not even sure about all the participants, but that need not matter in my desire to be apart of process. Wonder how far i’ll make it. Should be a crowd filled with working class. Does anyone know how one gets a ticket? I’m not interested in attending, just inquiring. Same rules as last time.

Here we go

That rocket will hit him. I don’t know how to use “GIFs”

Failure to launch

I guess since the debates were on CNN last night it is:

a) really hard to find the full debate online the morning after

b) or, a household that does not have a CNN bill just can’t watch them

Either way, I think that is wrong. Anything to do with our National Security should be free for public consumption. Am I now forced to just listen to other people talk about the Presidential Election and subject me to their spin before I can ever view the second debate.

Comcast, The Satellite TV companies, Disney they do this for other events that I hold near and dear to such as NCAA National Championship Games. As an American I guess I have come to grips with that, but for a National Debate to go unseen by those of us who either are sleeping, working, or simply those who don’t pay for TV I think is wrong in this day and Digital Age.

7:07 a.m. Wednesday, July 31st

For documentation purposes

Watched some “highlights” and i can’t believe the Democrats are actually still adding people to the debate stage.

Marianne Williamson can write good speeches.

I agree with Elizabeth Warren. To move forward as a country we need to decide what we want our government to focus on and begin to move forward.

Health Care Reform is one of those topics. Your not a Socialist if you believe that it is a right of We the People to have Health Care Coverage. Think about it, what do you do when:

You get sick,

You get hurt,

Your kids get hurt, sick, or injured

What about our parents?

Accidents happen every day and everywhere

We all need and use health care

Climate Crisis is another one. For me. Education another.

And I think combating the first can help the other. A Real Green Deal for Indiana.

7:27 a.m. Wednesday, July 31st

Daughter waking.



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