The future of Chicago Baseball

Abreu, Arrietta, Baez, Bryant, and Moncada are the names the city knows now. Banks. Mini. Dawson, Big Frank, Ryno, Ventura, Grace, the list could go on for days. Moving forward I think Eloy, Giolito, and McCann are the next names to join the conversation.

As a lifelong Cubs fan I have no complaints.

As a Chicago sports fan I have a few heartbreaks.

But, as a fan of baseball and Chicago the future is as bright now as it ever has been simultaneously in my lifetime. Looking into my own crystal ball I’d say the next 5 years plus should be a true Golden Age of baseball in the City of Chicago.

My 2nd baseball game was at Comiskey.

I don’t claim to know all the intricacies of contracts, years of service, and the analytic GM numbers. But from a general understanding of all baseball things baseball we’d be crazy not to look at the future with excitement as a baseball town. Chicago has many issues. Baseball isn’t one of them.

As a kid a loss in the Crosstown Classic used to be devastating. It’s true that wins are always better than losses. As a teenager and young adult it was bragging rights and free beer. Now as an adult the worst part of the Crosstown Classic is hearing Steve Stone call the game. Hawk always drove me crazy. But now with Bennetti in the booth it makes me remember how upset I was with the Cubs for firing him and Chip. Len and Deshaies just aren’t my cup of tea. But Pat and Coomey on Radio are a treat.

Sometime I find myself questioning some of the decisions in my life. But as a dad now and advertisements like;

Never happening on North Side
It’s an old school 50/50

Or the other one about the pregame buffet and patio ticket for like $53.

As a Cubs fan not in my wildest dreams would I ever allow myself to think that would ever happen or the Patio and pregame buffet. One of the nice things of living outside of the market is that it makes my commitment to the Cubs a lot less expensive. But with those prices and less hassle coming up through the South Side. We may just hit up Comiskey.

Maybe just maybe I’ll let my mom slip in a few Sox shirts into my daughters wardrobe.

Just has to be the Winnin Ugly logo

Enjoy the ride Chicago Baseball fans. At least I hope so.

Thanks. Ken

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