Different than the 1st night/morning

My wife and I watched about 45 min of the debate last night on NBC after putting our daughters down (8:45-9:30) est.

For those 45 min it was a completely different stage than the previous night. A lot more finger pointing, rudeness, not following directions of moderators, which leads this voter closer to electoral exhaustion.

Bernie, Mayor Pete (Buttigieg), Joe from Scranton, Mrs. Harris, Hickenlooper, an author, Senator Harris, that congressman from California.


Fire the chief

Fire the chief? Is that the answer. Maybe it’s my Midwestern sensibility but unless he was the officer that shot that man in South Bend, I can’t for the life of me imagine how that would help.

The other guy from Colorado who I really enjoyed listening to.

Here we go,

Wait. hold on.

NBC I appreciate the info but for I shudder to think of a High School Government teacher would have to say about your way to long pregame, let alone a 6th grade teacher would say about….wait a minute that’s what this is.

Moving on.

No. Wait.

A viewing party with a panel and Dasha? Is this the Oscars? Nope, just that media monster getting ready to devour itself and try to keep themselves in the news as well. I’m glad that I fast forwarded past this yesterday morning and is leading to great anxiety. So happy I do not indulge in cable news.

Savannah you and all the other moderators did not, keep this thing moving forward, don’t tell the crowd to be quiet. Crowd, be appropriate. Who let the WOOOO girls in.

Lets hear it Bernie, the original fringe candidate, and the only one that has kept up the fight. I really hope he gets in the White House and from the comments I heard from the other candidates last night/morning, I am optimistic that he and any of the other 19 candidates if they would be willing help fill the open cabinet positions I think then we could be headed down the right track as a country. Another thing you said last night Bernie, about rotating judges. That is new to me. Can I hear more? Or, I guess I could do my own research. Thanks for info.

Anything we would want to know about Joe and Bernie is public knowledge. Wall Street funds America, it’s kinda like my grandpa’s, your dad’s, neighborhood loan shark. We have agreed as individuals and a society to these horrible rates and terms. I would love to get my students loan payment expunged, or erased.

I agree Kamala. This economy is not working for our working class. Bernie and others have been saying that. 10% of 35% is less. But it is better than 0%. If that is what you were talking about.

John, you, your party, are not socialist. Anyone who would believe that should investigate further. Universal Health Care is a right. But I agree and Colorado is definitely ahead of the majority of the other states. Again, i’ll go more in detail of my very own Green Deal*.

I think I’ve heard Trump’s name more today that yesterday. But it is good to remind anyone and everyone of his tendency to mislead and use alternative facts.

Mrs. Gillibrand, you have great ideas and seem to have the record to prove worth.

Sen. Bennet, you should just say thanks for the chance to talk. 10 people on stage is a tough thing to manage. I hope we all remember how unenlightened it is when people talk over each other.

Buenos noches?

Not again, it’s not insensitive as a person in America to be able to just hear English for this type of forum. If Telemundo doesn’t they should have a debate on that channel as well. That would truly be Progressive.

Am I to believe then that Pete is the only one on stage that hablas espanol tambien?

6 figure student debt. Where? Why? Were you planning on being President? I thought you were in the military? I thought that helped with your student loans?

I’ve got 45K in student debt. My wife thankfully none. A 100K in debt. My god. Who are you people and why did you incur so much debt?

I went to school for 6 years paid for it myself. All of it. Room and board. Thanks America/Sallie Mae now Navient. I do plan on paying that off before I die. Unless I win the lottery I plan on taking as long as possible. You’re welcome.

My question to Pete and Eric? what was your plan then, to pay this loan off?

I don’t agree with printing money. It seems enticing to me giving my own history.

Yang. Thank you for giving a plan so detailed. I’ve seen some of you and Pete online. But, my head is spinning. I think you could be a great cabinet member.

Mr. Salwell. Pass the torch? C’mon. Listen to those that have come before you, don’t follow them blindly, learn from their mistakes. That is how we grow. How dare you. Is this that generational thing that I can’t stand.

Joe, you could have won this 4 years ago. Not just the nomination, but the Presidency.

More screaming. Talking over. I can’t. This is to much like the Republican thing from last cycle.

I have now paused it. Getting close to 7 and honestly it’s to early for that.

However, I did want to answer Rachel Maddow and Chuck Todd’s final question I did see last night

In 1-2 words what would you do 1st in 2021

If I am elected to any office in 2021 I would turn my immediate attention to

Being green, protecting our most vulnerable, and education

It wasn’t 1 or 2 words but shorter than almost if not all answers on the tele

Really have to go, youngest is up.

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