The morning after

Before we begin let me first say to everyone this is not live. We don’t live in that world anymore. It’s about 6:35 am the day after the 1st Democratic Debate from Miami. I’m going to publish this as soon as I finish the debate.

Here we go:

Wow, what an intro. I think we are getting dangerously close as a society to the Schwarzenegger classic Running Man in the over the top hype. I just hope the 1st 20 minutes of Idiocracy is fiction and not a cautious warning by Mike Judge.

Really a 2 day event that basicially answers questions that we should know about these people already? I think that is kind of a sad statement on our ability as a society to care about non presidential debates.

You vote. You decide. We all live with the results.

Rich kids. that was the first swipe.

Billionares. Second swipe at wealthy.

I didn’t get her name. Was writing the intro. Looks like Beto was going to puke. Nope he was trying to remember his spanish opening. I don’t think he needed to do that but it was cool and elitest in its own way. but game on,

verdad? can you please answer the question Mr. Beto and not go over time.

Mr. Booker, labor dignity, yes. Is this a small business vs. big business? Being poor is being poor. Not just black and brown issue. It just isn’t anymore.

Poor kids always have had fewer mistakes to make in life. Maybe that is where the Rich kids comment came from.

Netflix, Amazon, Haliburton (I woulda thought that was fixed by now. Shame on U.S. You forgot GM and IBM

Mrs. Warren. I can’t wait to hear what she says about them.

Monopolies, super pacs a government to the people. “Clap clap”

shoulda been of the people, for the people, and by the people.

Castro, c’mon man. no habla espanol? Un pequeno? ERA! good for you. Shoulda been your 2nd point. You don’t always have to follow the prepared speech. But it is good to practice.

Holy shit, was that de Blasio back there. I made no assertion that I really knew all 20.

Thank you Congresswoman Gabbard for your service. You still have time. What, no claps? Maybe the applause sign was off or she was speaking to quickly. Either way thank you for not going over.

No. I don’t think that was de Blasio.

Yes. It was. I did see him.

Thank you for at least answering all the questions in one word. Next, how?

Delaney probably a good congressman. Hopefully a senator or maybe VP. Debates are good for people like him.

Insley seems like an old sheriff. Unions? Have you ever spoke to VP. McDonalds? Do we really think that McDonald’s employee should make $15 bucks an hour. If that is the case as a teacher. How much for them? If you work 40 hours a week you’d bring home as much as I did bi-weekly.

Ohio guy. A guy from a place kinda like me. Cleveland, Pittsburg, and NWI always on same footing there. Thank you for talking GM.

Industrial policy. Green Technology. Check back for my Real Green Deal*

Ton of money in anything green Mrs. Warren. Jobs and taxable income for states and the nation.

Klobuchar. Public option? It’s a human right. Everyone needs it. Just take it out up front. Yes its a tax. I just worry about abolishing pharma. Not the rich suits around most suburbs but my friends spouses that are foot soldiers.

Mental health. Now here we go. How do we fix mental health? More please.

Are they allowed to ask direct questions to one another? I missed the rules.

Lester, Savannah. Thanks for at least making it about the topic Mr. Delaney. Union electrician. Much like my uncles. You had it a lot better than me.

I agree if we look at the cost involved. Corporations, theoretically speaking should save money if only one company was in charge. Are we as a socieity ready to put the government in charge of health care. “Gulp”

Inner cities, decaying urban areas, and rural america. Whether it’s physical well being, mental health, or education all are hurting. We need to look at our schools as well.

Thank you Mrs. Warren. Those that profit from the backs of the american workforce should give more in taxes than there workers. We all do better when we all do better.

Reproductive justice? If you have sex. You may get pregnant. I am a pro choice person. The only limit on abortion that should be the amount of abortions you should be able to have before the insurance company, government run or private, are required to pay for. I know. It’s a hot button. But, as tax payers we shouldn’t be on the hook for any man or woman to continue to populate this world with kids they can’t actually financially support. Right, or am I wrong?

Any drug company legal or illegal should be held accountable if they knowingly make people addicts. Period.

Moving fast now. Prison. See my true Green Deal for this as well. As a Boilermaker, I really wish they would not always use Purdue Pharma as the chosen whipping boy of the Opium War. But, it seems most don’t make the connection. So maybe I should delete the last sentence. If you don’t believe that any/all pharmaceutical companies who peddle in opium for profit are driven do so to get people hooked. Then, you don’t really know what is going on.

People shouldn’t be allowed to come into our country freely. We are the land of the free. But, if you weren’t born here. You’ll have to wait in line at the border. We can’t continue to put all these people up for free. I don’t agree with the President on much. But I do agree that sometimes bad hombres y muyers cross illegally. I do support the Presidents 3rd country immigration idea. If Mexico or Canada just allow people from other countries to show up at our border that is a problem. Forcing Mexico to take care of people crossing the border illegally is an issue. It’s criminal really.

Ok, people should be treated like people.

Section 1325? It is a civil violation? I think we should all look into that. Put it on the ballot. If the parents are here illegally than they can’t actually vote right? It’s tragic. So give the parent the option. Take them back. Or leave them with the family they currently are. If that family can afford it without the US government assistance.

Good point DeBlasio. I can’t wait for Bernie tomorrow. My youngest daughter is beginning to wake. I stand by all my comments. If you are going to ask questions and answer questions in Spanish I would challenge you to not repeat in English.

Until tomorrow. At time of publishing I have not added any images, outside of title, if I get some time. Maybe. If not. You’ll just have to deal with the text. I’ll edit grammar later.

As always thanks for listening,


Girls now resting. I want to know what Gov. Inslee had to say. Wow, he is like a Sheriff in the old west, with a heart. Someone who hopefully, win or lose the candidacy, keep up the fight Governor.

9 out of 10 will get back into 2015 nuclear deal. Senator Booker admits it as a mistake, but……… so. it was a yes Mr. Booker. A deal with Iran against nuclear armament is a good faith deal.

No nukes. No nukes.

Please, don’t talk into a commercial break.

Wait. Rotating host. Can Savannah and Lester not handle all the topics?

Guns. Don’t get me started. C’mon NBC audio issues? Assault weapons don’t belong in the hands of any American citizen. It is sad that our local police walk around with assault weapons on their hip. We have become a military state. If a child gets there hands on a firearm and does something stupid the parents are liable. Lock em up folks. Kids do not need access to guns.

I know a lot of responsible gun owners. I’m not speaking to you. There is no way even those friends of mine are ok with what is happening in America.

I’m getting to fired up. Pardon the pun. I think for the first go around anyone reading this has learned enough about me and these candidates to have something to think about. Plus my eldest isn’t “resting” all that quietly today.

Do me a favor. Don’t just think about what I’ve written think about how you truly feel is important. I’m not naive enough to think that any of these 20 candidates, or the current President/Candidate Trump can/will be able to fulfill their campaign rhetoric. You all remember that wall talk right.

The one the Estados Unidos Mexicanos were going to pay for? Lets not be duped again.


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