November Blue

Missy, Stella, Geri……

Thank you for supporting this strange experiment of mine over the last two election cycles. It’s truly only because of you three that I was able to and wanted to run for public office.

We lost……again.

I accept that.

Although, I find it extremely hard to believe that only six hundred and sum odd number of people voted for me this time. Mainly because I’ve thanked a pretty constant stream of well wishers all day that claim to have voted for me. Family, friends, coworkers, former coworkers, former students, parents of former and current students, other teachers I met on the campaign trail, those that I teach with now. My entire neighborhood, except Doug, as well as a few score more from around town.

I knew my official number would probably be smaller than my 2020 total of 17,894. But that number would be more than enough to win this race. And, it woulda to.

Was it a long shot? Absolutely.

Did I think I was going to win? A small idealistic part of me did.

However, being a more rationally minded person I truly hoped I’d at least come in second.

If you voted during the 2022 midterm elections thank you. Especially those that voted for me. We are all now supposed to believe we have participated in our democracy.

However, in politics there are no participation or consolation prizes for losers. Especially Independent candidates.

I regret nothing.

Wish I could have done more.

I know there are greener pastures ahead for Team Tucker but my political experiment is now complete.

Now my attentions to back to where it should. My family.

I can focus much more of my time and energy on them and being the best Trailblazer I can be over the rest of this school year. Then who knows it’s a big, beautiful, blue dot we are on and Indiana is way to red for my liking.

Adventure awaits,


If I had money, would it all look good


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